Saturday, November 26, 2011

Blue Sky Poem

Above the Bright Blue Sky 
[Albert Midlane] 
There's a Friend for little children
Above the bright blue sky,
A Friend who never changes
Whose love will never die;
Our earthly friends may fail us,
And change with changing years,
This Friend is always worthy
Of that dear name he bears.

There's a home for little children
Above the bright blue sky,
Where Jesus reigns in glory,
A home of peace and joy;
No home on earth is like it,
Nor can with it compare;
And everyone is happy,
Nor could be happier there.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Be a Candle

"All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle" 
St. Francis of Assisi

Thursday, September 22, 2011

No Flower

I was planning to find nice garden to go for weekend. I really want to take flower picture so bad, but this typhoon number 15 ruined my plan. I check some site today and they tell that No flower left~ they are gone by the wind... sad sad sad :'(

I usually check hanazakura to find out what flower is blooming in this season. Maybe you can check their site here also in youtube.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

BF's Wedding at Hiroshima

I want to post some Pictures of Hiroshima's Wedding that i took when i went there for best friend's wedding. Honestly, i didn't take any good picture at all when i was there. I blame the weather for that :P I love sunny day, but it was rainstorm all the weekend.

We left Tokyo on Thursday morning so we can be present at their matrimony ceremony at the most Famous Shrine in Hiroshima, Miyajima. We reached Hiroshima at 11.30AM, already done with our makeup while still on the Shinkansen. And rain started to pouring down just before we finally reach Miyajima :( Then we had to walk from pier to Shrine, i wish i didn't use high heels that time(even the deer razzed me when they see i'm in High Heels on rainy sandy beach)

Anyway, the ceremony went smooth and we had our photo session after that. Too bad my camera didn't good at all with under exposed light.

After the ceremony, we are invited to bride's parent's place to have dinner. The food was so appetizing. They served it beautiful and more delicious than Japanese restaurant in Shibuya Exc*l Hotel. I'm not kidding :D Their fresh sashimi and fried tempura is perfect. We drank and ate a lot, even moreover their parents allowed us to made or own soft cream(All in Japanese flavor : black sesame, adzuki bean, etc).

We back to hotel at night and feel so tired also full :D

On the Next day, Wedding Party was held at the same place as our dinner place last night(different floor). The Party full of closed friends and relatives. We had fresh japanese style food too for that day. I did my speech in Japanese(so bad~, you won't believe me) my bofriend help me to translated my speech into Japanese in morning and i even can't memorize every words perfectly. But thanks God no one razzed me :P rather than that i got a compliment from my friend for what i said.

So they had Hawaiian dance and Japanese instrument with song while i enjoyed the food. Bride's sis in law made the wedding cake for them. They change into colorful dress too(they had traditional costume the day before), so it mean they wore 3 different costume. We really spent our day by enjoying this party and looking at this couple really makes my heart melt. They are just so lovely :D

PS : i got the bride's bouquet~

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inoskashira Koen in Spring

I forgot to post about our Hanami(Picnic under Cherry Blossoms' trees) for this year. Nothing special because everyone was busy with their jobs, so one day Hanami idea was suddenly coming up and we chose one place to go. I don't know why we chose Inokashira Koen, but i think it was because we already went to Yoyogi Koen almost every year.

I never been there before, so i didn't know how crowded it could be on that day. It was extremely "crowded". I got stuck at the small street before the park because of long line almost 15min or maybe 0.5hour :D

Well, in my opinion Yoyogi Koen is better than Inokashira Koen. Yoyogi Koen is spacious(sport and games are Okay), greener(more grass and not to dusty), not to far(if you live in Tokyo). But Inokashira koen has a pond(Yoyogi has pond too anyway), you can rent boat(there is a rumor that couple who ride the boat together gonna break up), lots of nice restaurant/cafe and shops near this place, or maybe you can check Ghibli Museum too. So i don't mind if i go there again someday but not in Hanami season.

For more info .....[LINK]

My Colorful Friends

We might be not same in everything,
but we always be together.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Grandpa's Flip flop

This picture was taken last year by cousin C. He was curious to know about my new baby D5K and tried to take the picture of anything inside Grandpa's House. I usually call my Grandpa's House as my Home because i was living there in my childhood time.

Last year I came home with broken heart and full of tears because He left us forever. It was a day before Chinese New Year, when we always celebrate it with full of Joy and Happiness. But it has been a long time since the last time when all of the family members gathered in Home. I thought He already felt so lonely and want to celebrate it so much with Grandma. That's why He left us. And I also feel so bad because I never been at Home for this couple years.

Short story, we passed our 2010 CNY with tears and good bye. But I wish He is happy now(so do with Grandma and Dad)... I'm wondering how's CNY celebration look in Heaven? Do Grandma use Cheongsam? Do they give Hongbao?........ i Hope dad don't drink to much, because he always can't stop smiling after drink alcohol :p

PS : My Grandpa likes to repair anything and make DIY thing. That's why he try to made his own flip flop from old one. If you think it's ugly, for me it's Colorful & Beautiful but also feel Lonely :)

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