Thursday, June 23, 2011

I wish

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inoskashira Koen in Spring

I forgot to post about our Hanami(Picnic under Cherry Blossoms' trees) for this year. Nothing special because everyone was busy with their jobs, so one day Hanami idea was suddenly coming up and we chose one place to go. I don't know why we chose Inokashira Koen, but i think it was because we already went to Yoyogi Koen almost every year.

I never been there before, so i didn't know how crowded it could be on that day. It was extremely "crowded". I got stuck at the small street before the park because of long line almost 15min or maybe 0.5hour :D

Well, in my opinion Yoyogi Koen is better than Inokashira Koen. Yoyogi Koen is spacious(sport and games are Okay), greener(more grass and not to dusty), not to far(if you live in Tokyo). But Inokashira koen has a pond(Yoyogi has pond too anyway), you can rent boat(there is a rumor that couple who ride the boat together gonna break up), lots of nice restaurant/cafe and shops near this place, or maybe you can check Ghibli Museum too. So i don't mind if i go there again someday but not in Hanami season.

For more info .....[LINK]

My Colorful Friends

We might be not same in everything,
but we always be together.

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