Thursday, December 16, 2010

Showa Memorial Park(昭和記念公園)

Well it was kind weather on Saturday couple weeks ago, so me and friends planned to have Momiji-gari. But rather than hunt for a place with lots of Momiji(Maple) trees, we chose to see Ichou(Ginko) Trees for this year. This time we went to Tachikawa where is only 20min by train from my place. There is a Park which is called Showa Kinen Koen(Showa Memorial Park).

This Park is quite big compare to Shinjuku Gyoen . That's why they provide bicycle rental inside the park. But before entering the park, we need to buy an entrance ticket first. It was 400Yen for adult, 80 for Child. Besides Bicycle/Unicycle, it also has BBQ venue, futsal court, boat for rent, etc. Please check here for the detail.

After entering the park, the first thing we do was looking for the place to have lunch. We brought bento, bought it on the way to the park. I love to have lunch in the outdoors with its beautiful scenery. But i think having lunch under Ginko Trees was not a good idea, cause its fruits smell like "something" that i can't describe :D (Some people said its smell like *sorry* Dog Poo, vomit, old cheese, etc) So, i need to remind myself for not having lunch under Ginko Trees next time.

But i enjoyed to see the color of Ginko, took a lots of picture in this area. It was reminding me about my childhood dream when i read Manga. I always like to draw Ginko Leaves, though i never knew the tree and its color in real before i came here. I just love the shape, don't know why~

After enjoying Ginko Tree, we move to another spot. There was fountain, playground, lake, and so many other interesting spot. Too bad we didn't have chance to enjoy all the spots, because we only had short time before dark. It is closed at 16:30 in winter. Maybe i'll visit this park again on next Spring ;)

Please enjoy a few pictures i took that day.

This last lovely picture was taken by my friend and i make it a lil bit colorful. Love it ♡

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