Thursday, January 27, 2011

Grandpa's Flip flop

This picture was taken last year by cousin C. He was curious to know about my new baby D5K and tried to take the picture of anything inside Grandpa's House. I usually call my Grandpa's House as my Home because i was living there in my childhood time.

Last year I came home with broken heart and full of tears because He left us forever. It was a day before Chinese New Year, when we always celebrate it with full of Joy and Happiness. But it has been a long time since the last time when all of the family members gathered in Home. I thought He already felt so lonely and want to celebrate it so much with Grandma. That's why He left us. And I also feel so bad because I never been at Home for this couple years.

Short story, we passed our 2010 CNY with tears and good bye. But I wish He is happy now(so do with Grandma and Dad)... I'm wondering how's CNY celebration look in Heaven? Do Grandma use Cheongsam? Do they give Hongbao?........ i Hope dad don't drink to much, because he always can't stop smiling after drink alcohol :p

PS : My Grandpa likes to repair anything and make DIY thing. That's why he try to made his own flip flop from old one. If you think it's ugly, for me it's Colorful & Beautiful but also feel Lonely :)

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